Cupping Therapy in Seawoods

Cupping Therapy in Seawoods

CUPPING/ MYOFASCIAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY involves attachment of hollow cups to the skin via vacuum for the therapeutic benefits. Physiotherapists use cupping for musculoskeletal conditions utilizing the focal negative pressure it creates. This change in focal pressure has the capacity to produce effects on the myofascia as well as to stimulate receptors in the surfaces.

What is myofascia?

Muscles and fascia are structurally and functionally inseperable thus together they are called as myofascia. The fascia gives contour and alignment to the muscles, allows smooth gliding of the muscle fibers on itself and transmits the active and passive mechanical forces.

Myofascia is a complex web of connective tissue which spans across the total human body. The tension in the myofascia holds the musculoskeletal system together like a tent is held by the ropes.

Good myofascial tensegrity is important for efficient posture and movement whereas myofascial shortening or slack produces myofascial dysfunction.

Effects Of Cupping

  • MUSCLE: Myofascial decompression breaks down micro adhesion and aids in stretching of the tight areas
  • TRIGGER POINT: Breaks down pain- spasm- pain cycle by flushing out the metabolites further helps in trigger deactivation.
  • NERVOUS SYSTEM: Mechanoreceptors are stimulated by cupping. It produces analgesia and inhibits muscle spasm.
  • SCAR TISSUE: Cupping expands the contracted scar tissue and inreases the local circulation which helps in formation of stretchable collagen.