Strengthening Exercises Centre in Seawoods

Strengthening Exercises Centre in Seawoods

The prime focus of strengthening exercises in physiotherapy is rectifying impairments. With such practices, we will restore your skeletal and muscular functionality. Our focus will be to enhance the state of your well-being.

Strengthening exercise in Seawoods

Strengthening exercise is a therapeutic exercise for the treatment and prevention of injuries. The goal is to improve functional outcomes. This exercise program includes the following:

  • Aerobic
  • Resistance
  • Flexibility
Physical Activity
  • Physical activity is related to the skeletal muscle contraction that generates body movement and needs energy.
  • Strengthening exercise is a form of physical activity. We plan and perform it to attain and maintain physical fitness. With physical fitness, you will develop the traits to do physical activity comfortably.

Some of the strengthening exercises in physiotherapy we offer at Seawoods are:

  • Aerobic
  • Endurance conditioning
  • Endurance reconditioning
  • Agility training
  • Training of the body mechanics
  • Breathing exercises
  • Coordination exercises
  • Training related to the developmental activities
  • Training related to the movement pattern
  • Training related to the activities of the neuromotor development
  • Education about the neuromuscular
  • Perceptual training
  • Multiple motion exercises
  • Stretching of the soft tissue
  • Practices related to the relaxation
  • Exercises related to resistance, power as well as strength

Exercises in Physiotherapy fall into four groups mentioned below:

  • Strengthening exercises –These are exercises involving heavy resistance as well as a few competitions.
  • Endurance exercises–These are the exercises for achieving higher cardiovascular endurance.
  • Flexibility exercises–Such practices deal with the movement and stretching.
  • Balance and coordination-With the exercises in this category, the prime focus is to maintain the CG[centre of gravity].

Physiotherapy strengthening exercises work for patients of different categories based on the injury's type and complexity. For example, we will offer aquatic therapy for stroke patients with difficulty in balance.

Flexibility exercises

We provide flexibility training in the form of controlled exercises. We gradually guide the performance of these exercises to enhance the motion range in single or multiple joints. In this, we have the three categories mentioned below:

  • Static-This involves the held positions that are impactful.
  • Dynamic-This involves repetitive bouncing movements generating the muscle stretch with time.
  • PNF-This focuses on the alternating contraction and the relaxation of the muscles located at the particular joints that generate the most significant boost in flexibility.
Cost at the clinic in Seawoods

The cost of the therapeutic exercise will depend on the complexity of the condition after injury or surgery.


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