salt foot detox lamp therapy

Salt Foot Detox Lamp

The Himalayan Pink Salt Foot is hand-carved out of a large rock of Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal which sits on top of a beautiful rosewood base. The salt is carefully sanded to be ultra-smooth, making it ideal for your comfort and elevate your experience.

If you suffer from any of the plagues of humanity, i.e., asthma, allergies, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, failure to concentrate, and want to help solve these problems in an all-natural way. Our one-of-a-kind Himalayan Salt Foot Lamp will surely make an incredible addition to your life.

The Himalayan Pink Salt Foot is an excellent way to relieve stress by placing feet onto the warm smooth salt surface. It works to draw out toxins from the body, increases circulation, reduces swelling, deodorizes and feels great on tired, achy feet. It also works great for hands!

By utilizing the concept of reflexology, the foot dome will effectively detox your whole body at home. The foot dome also emits a soothing warm amber glow when lit that adds to the relaxing and calming effects of the detoxification process.