Parkinson's treatment in Seawoods

Parkinson's treatment in Seawoods

For Parkinson’s treatment in Seawoods, you will consult our doctor, who specialises in this area. We do not have any specific test to diagnose Parkinson’s disease.

Our doctor for Parkinson’s treatment has specialised training in nervous system conditions. Our neurologist will diagnose Parkinson's disease after analysing your medical history.

Our neuro specialist will review the symptoms. The doctor will do the neurological as well as physical examination.

SPECT at Seawoods

Our doctor will suggest single photon emission computerised tomography[ SPECT] scan. This test will help in the detection of Parkinson’s disease. It is also known as the dopamine transporter[DAT] scan.

Some people do not need a DAT scan. But for the correct diagnosis, we will examine the symptoms and do a neurological examination. By such a method, our neurologist will have the proper diagnosis.

Lab tests

We will tell you to do the lab tests. You may have to do a blood test. By this, we may know certain conditions responsible for Parkinson’s disease.

Imaging tests
  • MRI
  • Brain ultrasound
  • PET scans

But, in general, imaging tests will not be beneficial for diagnosing Parkinson’s ailment.


We will provide you with the medication for treating Parkinson’s disease. Some of the medicines we provide are:

  • Carbidopa levodopa
  • Rytery
  • Sinemet
  • Inhaled carbidopa levodopa
  • Carbidopa levodopa infusion
  • Dopamine agonists
  • MAO B inhibitors
  • Catechol O-methyltransferase[ COMT] inhibitors
  • Anticholinergics
  • Amantadine
  • Adenosine receptor antagonists
  • Nuplazid
A sufficient dose

To benefit from treating Parkinson’s disease, you should intake a sufficient dose. If you take low doses for one or two days, it will not help. When you improve after medication, it will confirm your diagnosis.

Time for diagnosis

Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease will take time. For Parkinson’s treatment in Seawoods, you will have to do the follow-up treatments with our neurologists, who specialise in movement disorders. We will evaluate the following:

  • Conditions
  • symptoms
Treatment at Seawoods

The truth is that there is no complete cure for Parkinson’s disease. But we will control the symptoms dramatically with medications. For the advanced cases, we will advise the surgery.

We will suggest specific aerobic exercises. We will also recommend lifestyle changes and physical therapy focusing on balance and stretching.

  • For improving speech problems, we will provide you with a speech-language pathologist.

The cost of Parkinson’s treatment in Seawoods will depend on the complexity of the ailment, medications and the time consumed to attain the normal state.