Post Fracture Physiotherapy in Seawoods

Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Seawoods

Fracture treatment includes immobilisation, primarily bandage or plaster. After this, we will do the physiotherapy treatment through our physiotherapy specialist.

Some of the fractures you can face are:

  • Fracture of the collarbone
  • Hand fracture
  • Bone fracture
  • Colles fracture
  • Femoral neck fracture
  • Clavicle fracture

Physiotherapy treatment-mandatory

Once the fractured body part comes out from the cast or the bandage, we will accomplish the recovery with the physiotherapy treatment. We ensure we heal you through our post-fracture physiotherapy specialist in Seawoods.

Why post-fracture physiotherapy?

Extra stress enters the body for bone fracture. Because of the plaster, you get joint stiffness and muscle weakness. Because of the pressure, various soft tissues and structures also get damaged.

Stress impacts joints that do not have a link to the breakage of the bone. For example, if you have a fractured shoulder, you may have the following:

  • Stiff elbow
  • Stiff wrist

The reason is that your shoulder has been in a sling for some weeks. So we will offer you physiotherapy through our post-fracture physiotherapy specialist at Seawoods.

Muscle strength

We will offer you physiotherapy rehabilitation so that you get the muscle strength back. Our therapy will depend on the type of fracture. We will start the treatment after the removal of the cast.

After the healing of the bone, we will provide you with the aggressive motion exercises. We will also tell you to make use of assistive devices.

Physiotherapy at Seawoods

Physiotherapy will accelerate the healing process after the bone alignment. Some of the procedures are:

  • Physiotherapy manipulation
  • Electrotherapy
  • Joint mobilisation techniques
  • Exercises

All the above processes will help the recovery of the patient by speeding up the healing process. This process will also reduce pain as well as swelling. It will further improve the range of motion.

Our advice

  • You should go for the treatment at the early stage.
  • We will also provide you with the guidelines for the home exercises.

Fracture and post-surgical management

Physiotherapy plays an important role when it comes to the fracture and post-surgical management. For post-fracture and post-surgical physiotherapy in Seawoods:

  • Enhancing the strength of the unaffected limbs
  • Prevents the stiffness of the joints
  • For the lower limb fracture, we will provide you with the accurate assistive devices

Why physiotherapy?

After the fracture or surgery, physiotherapy is essential. If you do not undergo the procedure, you will have lifetime weakness in the upper and lower limbs. You will have stiff or painful joints after the surgery or fracture.