instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

IASTM represents a specific approach to soft tissue manipulation that uses different instruments to detect and treat myofascial restrictions to improve range of motion and decrease pain

The IASTM treatment is thought to stimulate connective tissue remodelling through resorption of excessive fibrosis, along with inducing repair and regeneration of collagen secondary to fibroblast recruitment

In turn, this will result in the release and breakdown of scar tissue, adhesion and fascial restrictions.

Biomechanical Effects

  • Stimulates healing and strengthens new collagen .
  • Break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.
  • Controlled microtrauma, increased fibroblasts.
  • Removal of blood and metabolic waste, promotes normal circulation and metabolic processes.

What is myofascia?

Muscles and fascia are structurally and functionally inseperable thus together they are called as myofascia. The fascia gives contour and alignment to the muscles, allows smooth gliding of the muscle fibers on itself and transmits the active and passive mechanical forces.

Myofascia is a complex web of connective tissue which spans across the total human body. The tension in the myofascia holds the musculoskeletal system together like a tent is held by the ropes.

Good myofascial tensegrity is important for efficient posture and movement whereas myofascial shortening or slack produces myofascial dysfunction.