Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer

When you hear the word Pilates you may picture laying on a yoga mat, stretching and relaxing. However, while Pilates is considered low impact, it has become much more dynamic than when it was first conceived almost 100 years ago, with new variations like Reformer Pilates now offering a sweaty, challenging and energising workout.

So, what is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates combines the traditional principals and movements of mat Pilates with a Reformer machine. This machine contains a foot bar, carriage, pulleys, and five springs of varying tension that can be adjusted to suit your fitness level or needs.

What to expect from a Reformer Pilates Class

Reformer Pilates classes cover a wide range of exercises. During your 45-minute class, you'll find yourself in many positions, like laying down, sitting and standing on the Reformer machine, to pushing the foot bar and pulling the straps. In a Genesis Health + Fitness Reformer Pilates class props, like dumbbells and a Pilates ring are also used to elevate your workout.

Each exercise is performed as a slow, controlled movement, that utilises the entire body to improve your muscle tone, strength and posture.

Smaller muscle groups are also isolated, and deep core stabiliser muscles are recruited. Your body will be working smarter, not harder, to help you get the most from your class.

Reformer Pilates is an ideal workout for anybody. It’s low impact movements and customisable springs make it the perfect place to start your exercise journey or to complement and energise your existing training routine.